Polished Concrete

At Floor Prep Technology, we specialize in creating pristine, high-gloss concrete floors. As residential design aesthetics have evolved away form rustic finishes we've developed a proprietary high-gloss concrete finishing process that rivals the aesthetic of stone flooring. These  high-gloss finishes can be utilized with stain pigments to integrate into any homedecor.


Concrete Staining

Stained concrete floors are one of the most prevalent flor finishes in new construction  and modern renovation. This is due to the wide variety of possible finishes that can be achieved with water-based pigment stains. They can be applied to unpolished slabs for a natural rustic look, or combined with polishing for a high gloss stone like finish. Concrete stains do have limitations, as they can only darken the color of your existing slab. For pristine color finishes, we also offer epoxy coatings and concrete overlays.


A variety of wear coats can be added after staining to increase durability and prolong your concrete floor's beautiful appearance. We utilize natural beeswax coatings for budget conscious consumers as well as specialized sealers which providea no-maintance finsih. Give us a call for a free design cevalutaion.


Epoxy Floor Coating

Epoxy Flooring is the clear choice for industrial flooring as it has a long life and unrivaled durability. Epoxy creates a seamless high-gloss finish that's easy to clean, hygienic and ultra-resistant to chemicals and spills. We can even use different colors to designate safety and traffic zones to improve saftey. 


concrete rESURFACING

Our services range from the concrete preparation  stages involving concrete grinding and shotblasting to the application of cementitios overlays and protective coatings. This includes the application of self-leveling overlays, trowel down overlays, stamped overlays, vertical wall treatments, or industrial grade epoxy floor coatings and polyurethane concrete sealers. Our extensive experience within concrete installation and flooring industries has lead us to become one of the area leaders in the application and installation of decorative concrete floors  and coatings. Our decorative concrete surfaces are beautiful yet sustainable at the same time. There are many application techniques, patterns and colors to choose from to fit your specific project. 


concrete GRINDING

We also provide floor grinding services. Most commonly, concrete grinding is used to level out sections of concrete or asphalt that are uneven due to ground movement or construction. This approach can be cost-effective way to make surfaces safe without the expense of ripping out concrete and re-pouring. We provide this type of grinding for evrything from walways to large slabs 

Another common use of floor grinding is surface restoration and resurfacing. Overgrinding service can remove old paint, adhesives, and residue. With our powerful grinding equipment, we can quickly get a surface ready for resurfacing, saving you time and money. 


Surface Prep

Surface preparation of concrete is a critical part in all new flooring installations. If the surface hasn't been prepared correctly, the new flooring whether it be epoxy, tile or carpet, etc... may not adhere properly. In our surface prep and coating removal applications, we utilize grade equipment to remove and prepare the surface for any type of flooring application.

If it's a light grind to prepare for a floor coating or a complete overlay/sealer removal to g t a solid concrete, we have the equipment and experience to get the job done right and on time. 


Scarification / Milling

Diamond Grindidng


Self-leveling Overlays


Carpet/Tile Removal

Thinset Removal